1. Increase Circulation
Facials help to renew skin cells by circulating the blood flow under the skin, which then can decrease puffiness and fluid build-up that comes from our lymphatic system. Good circulation is important in that it brings oxygen,  proteins, and nutrition to the skin while ridding our skin of toxins.
2. Deep Cleansing
Although we like to think our daily skin cleaners are getting deep down into our pores, they can only do so much. Getting a facial helps remove the build-up of oil and dirt that an everyday cleanser can not. Bacteria derived from the oil and dirt are also removed, leaving you with healthy glowing skin.

3. Anti-Aging
By increasing the circulation in your face, the cell turnover rate helps to slow down the aging process. Getting a monthly facial massage stimulates collagen production and strengthen the muscles in your face, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and gaining softer smoother skin. (Collagen is naturally produced, but unfortunately starts to decline at about age 25).

    BOTOX® is an FDA-approved treatment that is used to make the skin, mostly the face, look younger and healthier through the relaxation of certain muscles. Besides cosmetic benefits, there are other advantages of getting this treatment in Hollandale Beach. Keep reading to learn more about the cosmetic benefits of BOTOX® injections and other medical uses.

At Brows and Brows we offer BOTOX® injections and many other cosmetic treatments to our patients in Middle Tennessee. So, don’t hesitate to reach out if one or more of the following benefits interest you.
Although BOTOX® was originally created to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles that develop in the facial area due to aging, after ample research doctors have discovered that BOTOX® has a variety of other medical applications and benefits.
1. Reducing and Preventing Facial Wrinkles

To get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, BOTOX® is injected into the muscles that are usually the underlying cause of wrinkles. This allows the muscles to relax around the injection site, making the skin smooth again and reducing the amount of wrinkles.
2. Correcting Eye Conditions.

BOTOX® can also be used to correct physical eye problems such as Lazy eyes, strabismus (crossed-eyes), and blepharospasm (rapid eye blinking). The neurotoxin in the BOTOX® serum also stops the effects of eye twitching and squinting that’s oftentimes a symptom of stress and muscle weakness.
3. Stopping Excessive Sweating

This treatment not only helps with the effects of hyperhidrosis, but it can also reverse the effects of stress sweat as well. It has a way of blocking acetylcholine, the chemical in the body that activates the sweat glands. It is specifically successful in areas of the body that are more prone to sweating like armpits. For long-term relief, it is advised that patients in Nashville seek additional injections as needed to maintain the results.
4. Incontinence Treatment

BOTOX® is generally a last resort for overactive bladder treatment. However, if other treatments prove to be ineffective, then your doctor may recommend BOTOX® injections to reduce incontinence due to overactive bladder.
5. Relief for Migraines

BOTOX® Cosmetic has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of migraines. The neurotoxin used in the BOTOX® serum will start to affect the nerves and prevent both muscle tension responses and pain transmission that comes from headaches.
How Long Does It Take To See Results From Botox Migraine Treatments?

Normally it takes a few treatments for full results to set in. So you might not experience full relief from your migraines until the second or third treatment.
6. Treating Neck Spasms

Another benefit of BOTOX® injections is they can help to reduce the effects of a condition called cervical dystonia. This condition often occurs due to abnormal head positioning and usually leads to severe neck pain. BOTOX® prevents and reduces neck muscle spasms by inhibiting the nerves that cause the muscles to spasm.
7. Removing Visible Signs of Aging

One of the most common and well-recognized of all BOTOX® treatments, this serum has been shown to be effective at reducing the signs of aging, especially for reducing wrinkles. Specifically, BOTOX® injections prevent and reduce dynamic wrinkles by inhibiting the nerve signals that trigger facial expressions.

 When you work with an aesthetician to set up an effective BOTOX® treatment plan you can see improvement with several types of facial wrinkles, including:

    Nasolabial folds
    Marionette lines
    Forehead lines
    Fine lines and wrinkles

BOTOX® injections can also be paired with other cosmetic treatments to help rejuvenate your face, without ever having to have surgery. You can also pair your BOTOX® treatments with restorative dermal fillers like Juvederm.

Non-invasive injectables, such as BOTOX®, have truly become one of the best ways to gain the look of youthfulness and revitalization in a fast, effective, and affordable manner. Set up an appointment with Garza Plastic Surgery to start your anti-aging BOTOX® treatments.
8. Treating TMJ

BOTOX® has been approved for the treatment of TMJ since 2002. It’s been recognized as both safe and effective. The nerve-inhibiting properties of BOTOX® help people who suffer from TMJ to reduce and alleviate symptoms.
9. Reducing Joint Pain

What is brow waxing?

      An eyebrow waxing service gives precisely defined brows and an arch that brings out your facial features.  During your appointment, a brow expert applies wax over stray hairs, then pulls it away to remove hair from the follicles. Some tweezing and trimming may also be done to finish the look. After your brow shape is perfected, witch hazel is applied to cleanse the skin.

Brow waxing is fast and gives immediate results that last several weeks or longer. Although it can be uncomfortable while the hairs are being pulled, this lasts for only a moment. Because it’s so straightforward, many people prefer eyebrow waxing over other brow treatments.

A brow waxing service is perfect for those with a busy schedule because the service only takes about twenty minutes. It costs under $50, ideal if you’re looking for a more affordable brow treatment. We also offer brow lamination at our spa. Call us today and get your eyebrows done by one of our specialists.